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About Us

Earth Organics® is a retail brand from our parent company Earth Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd., established in 2013 offering a range of finest quality Superfoods and Herbal Supplements worldwide.

With a global presence and further expansion to new regions, we are growing in harmony with nature while contributing to several social causes.

We help farmers from all over India by taking the organic path, helping them get a better return for their hard work. We are growing our farmer base and helping them with better technology and practices. Farmers are the backbone of our economy, lets get together and support them.

We support the concept of sustainable development. Our measures to support this can be seen in every aspect of our business including production, packaging, recycling, logistics, products, quality and management.


Education can empower a complete nation and helps an individual live abetter life. We contribute our best to impart education to the underprivileged and also to those who are passionate. We make sure that the education keeps growing.


Our products are sourced from the most reliable sources which undergo stringent quality checks starting from the farm going up the chain to the food we provide. With us you can be sure you are eating healthy.

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